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Music Scapes 
Song on the Spot !

A  Planet Tallawah Music Scapes Project


1.  Intuitive & Present Musical Experience 

2. Musical Interpretation of your Content

3. Individual or Group Facilitation

4. Holistic Musical Activities and Games

5. Music Theory & Lessons

6. Classy, Engaging performances


Lately, it seams the Spark of Energy moves through these  happenings: Greeting, Connection, Intention, Engagement, Exploration, Play, Creation, Observation, Integration, Intention, Action, Manifestation... the Journey of the Song


Connections, Expressions, Queries, Activities, Journeys, Games, Explorations, Creations, Discoveries, Messages, Invitations ... Songs



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 I like to refer to This Life as a Song. A Song in a Musical Landscape of billions and billions and multiple more continuous billions of other Songs within Songs within Songs !


Gratitude and Blessings to the Music of This Life Song Forever !

My name is Eileen Eryn Rene. I like to think of myself as a continuous unfolding Song

Music brings the Spirit the Messages and the Messages Guide the Spirit

and the Spirit creates More Musical Messages !


My current Creative Home is Planet Tallawah - an Energetic Landscape, a Message Transmitting Field, where Creativity, Exploration, Imagination and

Natural Magic get to Play ! 

This Space is housed in Kindness, Mystery and Wonder !

My Musical Relationships !

My First Love is Flute, and I Dance with Piano and Guitar occasionally for Songwriting and Interpreting Lyrics. Djembe, Conga, Tongue Drum and several other Percussion relatives bathe us in Melodic Rhythms  when Inspired as well as Electronic Drum Loops or Programmed cousins, may join us in the play space.


I Vibe with those Who the Spirit Leads and Connect in Space Time when It Happens.

We Love to Be, Engage, Explore, Learn, Grow, Sing, Musickize,

Instrumentize,  Harmonize and Play

We Create through Portals of Engagement and Exchange !

you can reach me directly at: ,  or  416-604-5749  (voicemail only)

 I've enjoyed three decades of sharing experimental and group music making in

spaces of refuge and care, human rights events, retreat centers, youth camps & more

I hold a Master of Arts in Community Music from Wilfrid Laurier University

Jazz Intro Certificate from Humber College and

Certified Advocate of Music Care from Room 217 Foundation and

has been created for the purpose of creating personalized musical experiences and songs

I Identify as a member of a Great Race of Peoples originating on African soil. I acknowledge the original Peoples of this region of T'Karonto, to be the Anishinaabe Nation, the Haudenausonee, the Iroquiois Peoples, Huron Wendat and the Metis and the Mohawk




* Thank-you so much for bringing us all together today for a delightful community experience with our sangha, 

our song we created is just perfect !

-  Victoria  H. (meditation center director)

* Thank you !  The staff and the girls were very engaged and really enjoyed your workshops !  

- Rachel (girls camp coordinator)

* Our family  really  enjoyed your interactive songwriting for Culture Days. Thank you !

- Diana K. (Culture Days attendee)


Thanks for contacting us!


Toronto, Ontario

M5A 2T6

Phone: 416-604-5749


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