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White Structure

Tallawah Music Games and Personal Performance art

Offer up a story, a poem, artwork, or an idea and I will create an original SONG FOR YOUR CONTENT  !

Let's play some fun games to Create With ... 

Let's IMAGINE together

Let's  DREAM together

Let's MANIFEST together

Let's ....

Interactive Music Sessions  

May Include the Use of Multiple Instruments for Group Participation !

Music Activities & Games

Music Activities and Games Sessions are great group ice breakers, filled with fun ways to connect  at gatherings, picnics, parties, family reunions, or community and  business events.

Group Songwriting

Gatherings, Group Intention Making, Creative Expression Sessions, Presentations, Think Tanks or Workshops are brought to life, and leave meaningful impressions on participants through Collective Songwriting.

Thanking the River

Peaceful canoe trip on the Misqaa Zibi River

Personal & Special Occassion Composing

Climate Change Rally

At Project Drawdown for Canada emissions reduction

Summer Camp Music Program

Personalized songs for any situation. From Birthdays and Anniversaries, to Graduations, and Special Message myself and my connected ones can turn your ideas  into beautiful melodies, songs, or soundscapes  to be cherished forever.

Poems, Writings, Muses 

Your Poems, Monologues, Dialogues, Muses or Personal Messages deserve the perfect background music to convey each expression with well thought out instrumentation.

In this session we are creating instruments from recycled items. The girls in this summer camp program explore unique and imaginative ideas for their designs and sound making . We enjoy the sharing of the many musical textures when completed !

Music Inspired by the Rescue Farm
Several animals in need find love and refuge here

Inspiration Sound Sessions

Audio from Chanting Sessions

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Audio from Comfort Sessions

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